The Change Candidate

For San Diego Unified School Board

About Becca

Becca Williams is a founder of Valor Education and founding board member of Valor Public Schools. In 2017 Valor Public Schools successfully obtained a charter to open three K-12 schools with a peak enrollment of 5,000 students in the Austin, Texas area. Valor’s distinct program offers students a full human education in the classical tradition, from the Great Books to advanced math and science. As of 2021 Valor has served over 1000 students and formed an impressive faculty comprised of over 100 teachers, administrators, and executives. In 2021 parents gave Valor a 96% satisfaction rate, despite having to navigate through the difficulties of a pandemic, where a need for both in-person and distant learning emerged. Prior to aiding with the creation of Valor Becca was involved in jumpstarting other revolutionary education projects. Recognizing the need for a study abroad program that captured the identity and mission of her alma matter she brought together faculty members from various disciplines to create a unique offering for students at Belmont Abbey College. The newly created program has allowed diverse groups of students to study abroad in places such as Ireland, Italy and England under the guidance of a combination of English, history and theology professors. Prior to pursuing work in education Becca competed professionally in stock car racing and oversaw business operations for an LLC that supported her racing. She was a finalist on the BET reality TV show Changing Lanes and holds titles for numerous achievements in stock car racing. Becca has also taught a full curriculum in first and fourth grade classrooms at one of the top charter schools in the country. A graduate of Belmont Abbey College, she holds a graduate degree in theology from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute, in Washington D.C.

Becca’s Core Proposals

True Accountability

I will get money onto the desks of our students and put the welfare of our kids first. I will fight tirelessly on their behalf, while remaining open and accountable to all stakeholders: parents, teachers, and taxpayers.

Whole Child Education

I will push for programs such as sustainable gardening, mindfulness, shop class, and other well-rounded, hands on programs, that make our public schools centers of life, where an experience of the real abounds. I believe that educating the body, mind and spirit leads to human flourishing.

Equality for All

I believe unity comes about through an experience of our common humanity, a corresponding appreciation of our diversity, and a shared pursuit of equality.

Critical Thinking

I will create schools with a distinct culture characterized by listening, open-mindedness, deep inquiry, and gratitude. I will champion programs that create safe learning spaces free of bullying, and open to critical thinking.

Healthy Technology

I believe technology is great, but when abused it’s a step backwards. I will advocate for the smarter use of screens, so that our kids learn to control devices, as opposed to the other way around.

Although Becca’s election will influence all San Diego Unified schools, District-C where you can vote for her covers parts of La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Bay, Point Loma, and Ocean Beach.

Becca Believes...

“I like to gather as many facts as I can before I make a decision, to see if it changes how I think. You don’t need to look far back in history to find instances where groups of people were certain of themselves, yet acted in foolish ways. What we need are leaders united in the relentless pursuit of truth, who are humble, and open to correction.”

– Becca

Why worry about the San Diego Unified School Board?

SDUSD has a tremendous impact on the culture, economy, and vibe of San Diego. You cannot overstate this impact! The average daily attendance is close to 97,000 students, making it the second largest of the 1000+ school districts in California. SDUSD shapes the next generation of San Diego citizens at a very large scale, setting the trajectory of their lives as future workers, voters, and parents.

Public Endorsements


Becca Believes...

“I believe pro-business principles influenced by free market economics can contribute to the vitality of all organizations, including schools. I bring the conviction that these ideas have brought the most people out of poverty and generated the most wealth of any set of ideas yet seen by the world. In schools, these ideas are best complemented with the conviction that every single student is unique, worthy of equal opportunity, and may need special help and attention to secure this.”

– Becca

Join this noble cause

We need to triumph in the June 7th 2022 primary, and then secure roughly 40,000 votes in La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Bay, Point Loma and Ocean Beach in the general election on November 8th 2022. Please reach out to us and commit to taking back our school board.