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As a mom, former classroom teacher, businesswoman, athlete, and taxpayer, Becca brings firsthand, immediate awareness of the issues on the hearts and minds of local education stakeholders. A lover of babies, dogs, and nature, she is well-rounded and moved by the beautiful things in life. She also has a daring, courageous, and competitive side, as demonstrated by her past involvement in high-speed auto racing.

I will get money onto the desks of our students and put the welfare of our kids first. I will fight tirelessly on their behalf, while remaining open and accountable to all stakeholders: parents, teachers, and taxpayers.

I will push for programs such as sustainable gardening, mindfulness, shop class, and other well-rounded, hands on programs, that make our public schools centers of life, where an experience of the real abounds. I believe that educating the body, mind and spirit leads to human flourishing.

I will back programs that seek to bring us together and emphasize the “unified” in the San Diego Unified School District. I believe unity comes about through a shared pursuit of equality.

I will create schools with a distinct culture characterized by listening and gratitude. I will champion programs that create safe learning spaces free of bullying, and open to critical thinking.

I believe technology is great, but when abused it’s a step backwards. I will advocate for the smarter use of screens, so that our kids learn to control devices, as opposed to the other way around.

Becca Williams is a founding member of Valor Education and founding board member of Valor Public Schools. In 2017 Valor Public Schools successfully obtained a charter to open three K-12 schools with a peak enrollment of 5,000 students in the Austin, Texas area. Valor’s distinct program offers students a full human education in the classical tradition, from the Great Books to advanced math and science. In 2021 parents gave Valor a 96% satisfaction rate, despite having to navigate through the difficulties of a pandemic, where a need for both in-person and distant learning emerged. Prior to pursuing work in education, Becca competed professionally in stock car racing, and oversaw business operations for an LLC that supported her racing. She was a finalist on the BET reality TV show Changing Lanes, and holds titles for numerous achievements in stock car racing. Becca has also taught in first and fourth grade classrooms at one of the top charter schools in the country. A graduate of Belmont Abbey College, she holds a graduate degree in theology from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Washington D.C.

“Education means emancipation. It means light and liberty. It means the uplifting of the soul of man into the glorious light of truth, the light by which men can only be made free.”

– Frederick Douglass

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Meeting Becca

Please enjoy a variety of videos highlighting Becca’s past endeavors in high-speed auto racing. Below she races competitively against professional athletes such as Kyle Bush and Chase Elliott.

Becca Believes...

“The best leaders have grappled with the question about what it means to be human, in connection with the best thinkers that have come before us. I have done this well enough to be able to make sound, common sense decisions, free of the ideological impulse that mistakes parts for wholes. I will be a better officeholder first and foremost because of this, and secondly because of the practical knowledge and relevant skills I have around schools.”

– Becca